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Year 6 Space Camp 2018/19


Astronaut Training

After having a delightful dinner, Mrs Whittaker held an astronaut training workshop, which was also a competition. We were put into five groups. each with a unique name. I was in Jupiter's Storm. The other teams were Space Invaders, Pom Pom, NASA and Persevering Planets. There was a series of exhilarating, yet challenging missions, all of them involving teamwork and patience. Our first mission was to choose our team captains; I was chosen for Jupiter's Storm, Isabella for Persevering Planets, Arnav for Space Invaders, Kady for Pom Poms and Jonah for NASA.  The team captains had to do a quick challenge, just to get started. The next thing we did was to convert English to Russian, which was kind of hard, however our next task was really challenging! We needed teamwork to complete a puzzle, then we had to remember 3 shapes and numbers; we then had to build a paper and paper clip tower in silence. The next mission was even hard still, it was called 'Step it Up' and we had to read numbers backwards whilst stepping off and on a stepping stool. Space Invaders ended up as the winners and Jupiter's Storm were in second place. 



Making Dinner

During the amazing time at 'Space Camp' we were really lucky to get a chance to make our own dinner. Everyone got a chance to do various jobs such as cutting vegetables, making fruit salad and more.

The jobs were all really great. Some people labelled cups and washed vegetables, we all had an important job to do. No one was left out! All of us had lots of fun and the best bit was when we got to eat what we had made. It was delicious.



Space Camp

At 'Space Camp' , we enjoyed a range of activities including making a constellation projector with Miss Greet. To do this we learnt about the shapes of different constellations and drew them onto a piece of card. The card had been folded into 3 equal sections. Next, we pierced the card with a split pin and shone the torch onto the projector and it showed us a constellation. It was lots of fun!


On Thursday 24th January 2019 we relaunched 'Space Camps' at Shrubland Street, starting with Year 6. 

Not only did the children spend the evening learning all about Space, but they also prepared and cooked their own dinner. 

Mrs Whittaker (Space Camp Sam) delivered a variety of workshops alongside Miss Greet and Miss Cowan.  Mrs Davies and Miss Swidryk fully immersed themselves in the astronaut training!

Find out what the children got up to by reading their comments.




Comparing Planet Sizes

In the comparing planet sizes workshop we had been given a patch of playdough, which we had to make into a sausage and roll it into 10 equal sized balls. After that, we joined about 6 of them together and made them into Jupiter. We then divided the other parts into 10 and put 9 of them together and this was Saturn.  Then remaining parts would have to be divided into 10 again and that reminded us about the actual size differences between planets and how small Earth is in comparison to bigger planets like Jupiter and Saturn.



Solar System in your Pocket

At Space Camp, which was on the 24th January, the Year 6 boys and girls took part in various challenging workshops. 

The first workshop I faced was creating a solar system that fits inside your pocket!

Firstly,we folded a strip of paper in half, then we placed a large sticker on the crease, which was halfway between the Sun and Pluto. The first sticker we put on said it was Uranus. After this we folded 1/32 to put all of the stickers on the creases, then we labelled the stickers with names of planets. The planets of our solar system. My classmates and I really enjoyed creating the 'Solar System in your Pocket'.


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