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Health and Wellbeing

'I think the emphasis placed on the wellbeing of the children as a wholeand not just academic success, set Shrubland Street apart'.

Parent Questionnaire 2018

'The school welcomes diversity'.


Health and Wellbeing Week - July 2nd - 6th 2018

 Shrubland Street Primary School believes that  the health and wellbeing of its pupils, parents and staff is vitally important.  Over the last 12 months, the school has been working really hard to raise awareness of the importance of good mental health and making sure the school is there to support the local community.

On July 2nd Shrubland Street Primary School underwent their first 'Health and Wellbeing' week. The idea was for the whole school community to come together to promote health and wellbeing and give pupils, parents and staff the opportunity to explore and take part in a wide range of workshops and activities. These activities would include mindfulness, YOGA, chess, songwriting, healthy eating, athletics, dance, meditation and much more.

Throughout the week the school was visited by a whole host of people who worked with children andparents during the school day and after school. Visitors such as Paralympian Anna Turney and  frontman from 90's britpop band Dodgy, Nigel Clark. There were also assemblies from the NSPCC, The Guide Dogs Trust, Acton Energy and local GP, Dr Martin. After school workshops were led by Leamington Athletics Club, Bayleaf Cookery, Go 4 Goals along with sessions in Mindfulness led by Lydia Ward, Chess, Scrabble, knitting and ukulele to name a few.  

Children from Year 4 and 5 were trained by the Brunswick hub to become 'Dementia friends' and attended the weekly dementia cafe where the children interacted with the regulars, participated in some yoga and sang a few songs. The school are hoping to make this a regular thing.

Other visitors to the school included Specsavers, Tesco and the Co-op. The Co-op provided all of the children with bottles of water and Tesco gave  enough fruit to make fruit salads for everyone!

Parents from school volunteered to do dance, mindfulness and health sessions and all of the after school sessions had parents in attendance.

The whole week couldn't have gone any better. The children and parents had the chance to explore and try out so many different approaches and it was fantastic to see the impact it has had on the children and the school community. Many of the things we have learnt this week will become a big part of the school moving forward.

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