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Our Governors

Chair of Governors Eloise Chilvers -  Parent Governor chilvers.e@welearn365.com
Vice Chair Jane Dobson -  Co-opted Governor   
Chair of Performance and Standards Committee Natasha Chamberlain -  Co-opted Governor  
Chair of School Management Committee Jane Dobson - Co-opted Governor  

Governing Body


Appointed by

Committee Membership

All Governors, including associate governors have voting rights. 

Declaration of interests Term of Office start date
Natasha Chamberlain Governing body Co-opted governor; Performance & Standards, School Management Committee, Pay Committee, Strategic Planning Group, Head Teachers Performance Panel    20/03/2017
Eloise Chilvers Governing body  Performance & Standards, Committee, Pay Committee, Strategic Planning Group, Head Teachers Performance Panel Warwickshire CC (Husband) 20/03/2017
Jane Dobson Governing body  Co-opted governor; School Management Committee, Strategic Planning Group   20/03/2017
Louise Greet Staff nomination  Staff governor; Performance & Standards Committee  Deputy Head teacher 20/03/2017
Clare Mair Parent nomination School Management Committee, Pay Committee   20/03/2017
Bilal Salman Parent nomination Parent Governor; Performance & Standards Committee   20/03/2018
Alan Wilkinson Governing body  School Managemant Committee, Head Teachers Performance Panel, Pay Committee, Strategic Planning Group ARC 20/03/2017
Jonathan Wright (Head Teacher) Ex-officio School Managemant Committee, Pay Committee, Strategic Planning Group Headteacher 20/03/2017
Kristie Naimo Co-opted governor Local Authority Governor, Performance & Standards Committee ARC, Warwick DC, Foundry Wood 05/05/2018

We currently have three Co-opted Governor vacancies available. 

'Governance is a strength of the school. You and your staff help governors to understand the information you give them and they are skilled at using this to check on the quality of education'.


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