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Early Years at Shrubland Street Primary School

At Shrubland Street, we provide a safe, enriching and ambitious environment to ensure children are given the best start in their education. Children will explore our unique and holistic EYFS curriculum through direct teaching, hands on experiences and play based learning. By providing children with the skills and knowledge they need, we support them in becoming resilient, inspired, aspirational and motivated learners. Through this approach, we build the foundations for their journey into KS1 and beyond.

Here at Shrubland Street, we have a specialist Early Years Teacher in our Pre-school. Children aged 3 are welcomed in at the beginning of the term after they have turned 3. We accept and use the 15 hours of free childcare provided by the government. Please see the link below for more information.


Our Principles

Learning at Shrubland street starts from the moment we meet. Our curriculum is designed to enable children to learn new things so that they are remembered and become secure foundations for future learning to be built upon. Knowledge has been carefully planned out and sequenced over a 2-year cycle enabling key concepts and ideas to be revisited in new contexts. This prepares our children to be ready for learning in Year One.

Our Early Years curriculum has beautiful books at its heart. Each unit journey starts with high-quality literature, allowing new learning to have something concrete to be hung upon. The books used have been carefully chosen to reflect the diversity within the community to which we belong, as well as to broaden and diversify the children’s experiences.  

Reading and re-telling stories will play a key part in our children’s learning, allowing exposure to a wealth of rich language and experience. Each unit will have a central text, supported by supplementary texts- fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 

Through carefully chosen books we will guide our children on journeys to new places; real, imaginary, past and present. We provide play-based experiences to immerse children in new learning where they will encounter knowledge and language linked through the common theme of the story.

If you would like to know more, call the school office and set a date to come and see us in action.

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