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Maths in the Early Years

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We choose to teach by breaking down maths objectives into the smallest steps, so that every pupil is secure in every new concept before moving on.  We focus upon teaching for fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

At Shrubland Street, we see Teaching for Mastery in maths as allowing the pupils to gain a deep understanding of maths, allowing them to acquire a secure and long-term understanding of maths that allows them to make continual progress to move onto more complex topics.

Many people think they “can’t do maths”, but we are proving day by day that every child really can love and succeed in maths!

Maths Mastery

In Reception, your child will be introduced to numbers and counting, and will start to use basic mathematical language. An interest in maths and problem solving will be encouraged through maths games and fun activities.

Much of your child’s learning will come from exploring and talking about maths in the world around them and there are simple things you can do at home to support their development.

 We believe that everyone can do maths and there’s no such thing as a maths person. Maths is a subject that everyone can and should be able to perform confidently and competently.

Small Steps of Maths Learning.

Autumn Term StepsSpring Term Steps

Parent Workshop

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our Workshop and had the opportunity to explore how we teach maths in Reception and the important concepts that we focus on. 

Please click on the links below to access the powerpoint and information booklet that were shared. 

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