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Modern Foreign Languages

We believe that the learning of a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils.  Learning a modern foreign language is vital to becoming a global citizen, it is another way for Shrubland Street School to help our learners to appreciate the language, culture, religion and people of another country; appreciating their similarities and differences.

At Shrubland Street we recognise that the teaching and learning of a new language requires a good understanding of pedagogy and a passion for languages.  Mrs Davies, our langugage lead and specialist teaches French to all children at Key Stage 2. 

The intent of our curriculum is clear:

-To provide children with positive early language learning experiences so they move to secondary school without prejudice about language learning.

- To enable all children to learn sufficient grammar, phonics and vocabulary to be able to use their language in a real-life context and see the benefits of language learning.

-To allow children to experience the foreign language in all four skills areas – speaking, listening, reading and writing, thought a variety. of media such as songs and stories.

-To allow children to experience cultures outside of their own realm of experience, and to have this in common with other members of the class.


The children learn how to ask and answer questions about themselves, how to count to 20 and beyond, how to ask for food and drink, how to describe their families and how to put together simple sentences about other topics they are learning about, eg the planets, and the Romans.  The children enjoy French lessons as they provide lots of opportunities for games to practise the new vocabulary.  In year 5 the children have French penfriends who they write to about themselves, what they learn at school, and what they do in their spare time.  This gives them a real writing focus for their French skills. 

There are language days in school where children can apply their skills in a 'real life' context, as well as French playground games and some French history.  They also recently learnt about French Christmas traditions and had a French visitor who explained lots of French traditions to them.  

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