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Phonics and Reading in the Early Years


Phonics Parent Workshop

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Workshop and had the opportunity to see Phonics teaching in the classroom.

Please click on the image below to access the phoneme pronunciation guide. 


Read Write Inc

Learning to read is a vitally important skill, without which children will find it much harder to access all other areas of the curriculum. 

In Reception, the children learn to read by decoding sounds/phonemes and we use the Read Write Inc programme to support this. 

Please follow this link for more information:

Read Write Inc for Parents

EYFS Parent Reading Workshop

Research shows that children who are read to daily will hear well over a million more
words (an estimated 1.4 million more) than their peers who were not read to daily.
On average, 73% of pupils leave primary school reading at the expected level.  Put simply, this means one in four children will not read well in school and likely beyond.
This reading gap between primary and secondary school can see many pupils unprepared
for the changing demands of academic reading in secondary school and with too little
time to catch up
Therefor it is so important for us to develop reading skills from an early age.

Please find below the slides from our recent EYFS parent workshop, as well as the videos that were shared and the bookmark with ideas of questions to as when reading. 

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