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Useful Websites

Remember that language development is a combination of acquisition of a new language and continued development of the mother tongue.

www.mantralingua.com   -   Dual language books and dictionaries.

www.little-linguist.co.uk   - Bi-lingual storybooks.

www.willesdenbookshop.co.uk  -   Traditional tales and stories from around the world and information books about other countries.

 www.familylearning.org.uk - On-line games and activities for parents to help children with reading, writing and counting.

www.ictgames.com – Literacy and numeracy games.

www.children’slibrary - The International Children’s Library. Digital stories play-scripts, poems, songs, and comics. Encourages development of and maintains proficiency of pupils’ first language.       

www.warwickshire.org.uk/fis - The Family Information Service (FIS). Advice and support on a range of matters. Downloadable translations are available.

https://ealresources.bell-foundation.org.uk/information/helping-your-child-learn – dual language button giving information on how to support your child at school, the English education system, maintaining the home language and ways adults can improve their English.




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