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Maintaining Positive Relationships


We want our pupils to understand that there are no limits to what they can achieve.  We have high expectations of and for our pupils and are committed to delivering an exceptional education that sets them up for future success.  We do this through our school vision and core values: 

All Different, Learning Together

To be actively caring 

To show respect and have a postive high regard for all 

To be responsible and resilient learners 

To work together with tolerance and understanding 


‘A supportive environment is characterised by relationships of trust and respect between pupils and teachers, and among pupils.  It is one in which pupils are motivated, supported and challenged and have a positive attitude towards their learning.’

Great teaching toolkit: evidence review (Cambridge Assessment International Education, 2020)

 We know that in order for pupils to be successful at school, they must feel happy, safe, respected and listened to.  For this reason, our approach to behaviour management is based on relationships (pupil to pupil and staff to pupil) and self-regulation of behaviour.  By providing pupils with the strategies needed to build positive relationships and regulate their behaviour, we believe we are setting them up to be successful in the next phase of their education and beyond.

Positive relationships – we define these as relationships based on mutual respect, kindness, trust and honesty, which allow us to feel safe and supported in order to learn and grow.

Behaviour regulation – we define this as the ability to use self-control to behave in appropriate ways, including managing our energy and emotions in ways that are socially acceptable and help us to achieve our goals.

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