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Houses Aut 1  Aut 2 Total
Baddesley 364    
Charlecote 345    
Coughton 327    
Packwood 359    


School Houses:

There are four houses at Shrubland Street:





Children are put into Houses at the start of the Reception Year.  The children are encouraged to understand that although they compete for House points, each house is a member of the whole school family.  

House points are collected:

* Throughout the week children are awarded points for outstanding behaviour, following school/class expectations and values.

* At special activities throughout the year.  These are related areas of the curriculum for example: an art competition. 

*Year 6 prefects and monitors earn house points by doing weekly tasks.

The activities throughout the year will encourage all children to participate and try their best as all children are awarded a point for participating.  During such events as sports day children will receive extra points for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Children thus support everyone rather than individuals and this leads to an ethos of collective enthusiasm and team spirit.

House Captains:

The 2019/20 House Captains are:

Baddesley - Roshan and Tabitha

Charlecote - Amelia and Jack

Coughton - Jack and Tiago

Packwood - Aniket and Libbi

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