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Willersley Castle Trip, 13.6.22-15.6.22

Between Monday 13th and Wednesday 15th June 2022, pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 visited Willersley Castle in Derbyshire. Here are a few photos so you can see what they got up to. We all had a wonderful time, with glorious weather. 

What We Thought About Willersley Castle

At Willersley Castle, I enjoyed climbing and the blind trail. I enjoyed climbing because I liked watching other people try their hardest to reach the top of the wall. I also enjoyed how the wall wasn't too easy but it wasn't too hard. When it was my turn , I was a bit scared but also very excited.

I enjoyed the blind trail because I liked guiding my partner through the trail and enjoyed the different obstacles that you had to go over and under. My favourite part was the tunnel at the end.

By Skye

While we were at Willersley Castle, each day we did up to 5 activities in groups of 11 or 12. Each activity would last at least an hour, however, the longest activity was bushcraft which lasted 3 hours. In bushcraft, we spent our time making S.O.S. signals, collecting sticks, making fires and setting up hammocks.

At night, we slept in tents with 4 bunk-beds so up to 8 people could sleep in them. We slept in sleeping bags and woke up at 7:00 am each morning and then did our activities after breakfast.

By Lillie

At Willersley Castle, we slept in tents nears steep cliffs close to the castle. We slept in groups of five or six. There was plenty of time for other activities such as frisbee, cricket and playing with a howler at the campsite. If you wanted to chat, you could go to a 'hang-out' tent. It was tiring walking up  to our beds but worth it. We'd go back down the hill for activities and food, which we would eat in the castle. The meals and breakfast were always delicious. 

By Benjamin

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