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Global Youth Ambassadors

In 2018 Shrubland Street embarked on our journey to become 'Global Youth Ambassadors'. 

The Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP) aims to develop global citizenship and promote GLOBAL LEARNING. Global learning is an important part of any schools approach to inspire, motivate and educate students. This includes developing the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, but also includes supporting improved teaching, pupil behaviour, school leadership and pupil achievement. 


Think Global defines global learning as education that puts learning in a global context, fostering:

• Critical and creative thinking;

• Self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference;

• Understanding of global issues and power relationships;

• Optimism and action for a better world.

Through GYAP, schools are linked with sister schools in China, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe where best practice can be shared across a wide range of educational settings.


The training begins

On the 11th February, two visitors called Sarah and Mike came to speak with Year 5 about the 'Global Youth Ambassador Project'. We did many activities to help with our training, like a survey with the type of questions we could ask people. The visitors told us lots of things about themselves and we learnt lots of new things about our classmates. 

Unexpectedly, Sarah and Mike had brought us many gifts, such as training books, our badges and a good luck charm. 

We were really thankful for them visiting us and starting our training. We are hoping to see them again soon. 


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